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Story of Acrylic Art Theraphy Painting – What I Learned?

abstract painting

helloo! Today I want to tell you about my another acrylic painting adventure. I have tried to create as many beautiful paintings as I can using acrylic painting techniques that I have seen from other artists so far. This time I did not make acrylic pouring. You know the acrylic pouring techniques I used recently. […]

Story Of Acrylic Flip Cup Technique Try – Acrylic Pouring

flip cup acrylic pou 7PDVS

Helloo! Today, I’ll tell you the new acrylic pouring technique (Flip Cup) I’ve tried and the story of what I’ve been through. I want to talk about what the challenges I faced and what I learned. In my previous post I told you problem I had. I had a hard time making acrylic pouring. Acrylic […]