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Story of Acrylic Art Theraphy Painting – What I Learned?

abstract painting

helloo! Today I want to tell you about my another acrylic painting adventure. I have tried to create as many beautiful paintings as I can using acrylic painting techniques that I have seen from other artists so far. This time I did not make acrylic pouring. You know the acrylic pouring techniques I used recently. […]

Multicolor Acrylic Funnel Pouring Technique

acrylic pouring

Helloo! In this post, I want to tell you about my another acrylic pouring adventure. As you know, there are many different techniques for acrylic pouring.especially if you are looking for acrylic painting techniques for beginners like me, there are many creative ideas. In this video I did acrylic funnel pour technique. Everythink started with […]