It’s a great time to be a Peaky Blinders fan. Season 5 concluded with an often epic finale. If you want to know when the new season is, you are in the right place. These are everything we know so far about season six of the show.

What is the most recent news?

  • New teaser featuring Stephen Graham has been released.
  • Anthony Byrne revealed in December that a trailer of the new season would be available “very soon”.
  • New teaser clips featuring Tom Hardy’s Alfie, Solomons and Ada Thorne have been released.
  • According to Conrad Khan, the sixth season will be released in February 2022.
  • Season six, confirmed to be the last season, was wrapped filming on May 27, 2021.
  • Stephen Graham officially joined the cast. He can be seen on set.
  • Season six will see James Frecheville, an Australian actor, join the cast.
  • Season six will not see Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden.
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When will season 6 begin shooting?

Anthony Byrne (show’s director) confirmed via Insta that season six was completed shooting on May 27, 2021.

The season was filming began in January 2021. Steven Knight, the creator of the show, teased that the story would continue in “another form” after the end of season six.

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When will Peaky Blinders season 6 premiere on Netflix?

We don’t expect to see season 6 Peaky Blinders until after the BBC finishes airing it. Season 5 was released on Netflix in October 2019, three weeks after it aired in the UK.

According to BBC promotions, the release date for Peaky Blinders sixth series is set for early 2022. This means that the show will be available on Netflix worldwide between Spring 2022 and Summer 2022.

Netflix will soon get season 6 of peaky blinders in the United Kingdom. However, Netflix must wait for the BBC to grant the license until 2023.

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Is there a Season 7 of Peaky Blinders coming?

In 2018, Steven Knight stated to the Birmingham Press hub that “we will probably make seven”, referring to season 7. It has been confirmed that season 6 of Peaky blinders will be its final season.


This is all we know about season 6 on Netflix. As more information becomes available, we’ll update this post with the release date and any other pertinent information.

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