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30+ Simple Canvas Paintings On Canvas – Art Inspiration

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Easy to create abstract paintings. I am used to creating trendy, modern, geometric and abstract art, but this painting will be used for something else – a simple flower.  Simple canvas paintings moon & sun Black canvas painting idea

Best Acrylic Painting Supplies You Need to Know

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Today I will talk about acrylic painting supplies for acrylic painting lovers. Especially acrylic painting supplies for beginners important because you should use quality supplies.  If you are new at acrylic painting you will learn quality acrylic painting supplies in this post. Let’s start. 1. Acrylic Paints Acrylic paints are water-based paints and are water […]

20+ Easy Acrylic Painting Fruit Ideas

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Hello! If you are beginner and interesting with acrylic art, you need some acrylic painting inspirations. Acrylic paints are cheap and easy to paint on canvas. So everyone can paint something on canvas with acrylics and paint as an hobby. Today I listed easy fruit acrylic painting tips for your inspiration. Come take your coffee […]

20+ Easy Animal Acrylic Paintings for Beginners

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Hello! Today I want to share these beautiful acrylic paintings for inspiration. I believe if you are a acrylic painting beginner, you can take inspiration from here. With these little exercises you can quickly learn to paint different animals and each process is based on basic shapes. With it you can draw your animal in […]

10+ Amazing Acrylic Sea Painting Ideas for Beginners

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Helloo! Today I have great acrylic art ideas for beginners. All of us love sun and water. I know you want to inspire from these beautiful sea paintings. So I complied best sea painting ideas and tips for you. I hope you like these colorful paintings and get inspire! You can also visit for more […]