Today I will talk about acrylic painting supplies for acrylic painting lovers. Especially acrylic painting supplies for beginners important because you should use quality supplies.  If you are new at acrylic painting you will learn quality acrylic painting supplies in this post. Let’s start.

Best Acrylic Painting Supplies

1. Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are water-based paints and are water soluble. They dry fast, look pretty and their prices are reasonable. If it is difficult to decide which paint to choose, if you have just started painting acrylic, I recommend you to look at these high quality acrylic paints. See the prices.

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2. Paint Brushes

In acrylic paint painting technique, you can use brushes produced from natural and synthetic bristles according to your needs. However, synthetic brushes give better results in the use of acrylic paints. As acrylic paints dry out in a short time, you should be careful not to dry out when painting, it should be washed immediately after work. It is quite difficult to clean acrylic paints that dry on the brush. See the prices.

3. Canvas

Canvas selection is very important! Think about it, you are preparing a meal, how do you make a presentation on a plate? That’s how important … When purchasing canvas to have a quality canvas, the quality of the canvas should be considered. A good canvas cloth should be 100% cotton and lined. Thickness of the boards behind the canvas indicates the quality of the canvas. See the prices.

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4. Palette Knife

Palette knife is an essential tool for holding and mixing acrylic paint. You can use this to improve your technique when you’re acrylic painting. This allows you to spread the paint more evenly on the canvas. See the prices.

5. Artist Palette

Painting palettes are especially preferred by people who want to paint with acrylic paint. It can be used to mix acrylic paint and get new color mixes. See for more information about artist palettes. See the prices.

6. Easel

If you are interested in painting, your greatest assistant is, of course, the easel. The equipment that keeps the canvas fixed is called an easel. There are different types of easel depending on the area of use. For example, short footed easels are preferred for desktop use. Studio-type easels are fixed on the ground. Easel makes painting easier and more enjoyable. You can review where you will use the product and your budget when choosing an easel. See the prices.

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Paper towels for clean

Water Container

Paper for Practicing

Masking tape

Acrylic mediums


I hope it was useful. I like acrylic paint and I like that more people do it as a hobby. If you like acrylic paint, you can find more on our site. thanks

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