What exactly is Pour Painting? Paint pouring is an art form where different colored liquids are sprayed over a support. It then includes spraying various color paints over the support to form a particular design.

Pour Painting Ideas And Inspirations

Pour Painting Ideas Inspirations

Different types of materials can be used to support the painting ideas: dried mud, pebbles, crushed terracotta or painted rocks. The support can be any flat, concave surface that is flat enough to let the paints run smoothly over it. Every painting is unique and thus you do not even need a brush! You will just need a certain paint supply and a little imagination! To make these types of paintings, the support needs to be covered with a cloth to prevent dust from accumulating and to prevent the paints from getting spilled.

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If you want to make these types of paintings more attractive, you can add some natural elements like branches, leaves, grass or flowers by dusting some of these materials on the support. Another idea would be to paint the rocks with different colored paint and then blow dry them in the blow dryer to dry them. This would allow you to use the same colored paint for the next project (after you’ve painted the support).

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