Shades of Yellow as a color imply that a yellowish shade can actually be a point of some sort of mental disposition; for instance, yellow is meant to be fun and bleak and so on. But this isn’t really a very accurate indication of this color simply because yellow can also be very intense and blue quite plain depending on the shade of yellow or blue you’re thinking of. It can also mean the other shades of yellow such as lavender and butter. To clarify it even more, in terms of symbolism, the yellowish shades refer to the traits of yin and yang (the two elements of nature that must be harmony and balance). The shades of lavender and butter are typically associated with female characteristics and qualities, while the shades of red and gold represent masculine traits.

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Shades of Yellow Color Palette

Shades of Yellow Color Palette

Shades of Yellow Color can actually also refer to the colors that are made from the most common of fruits such as orange, lemon, peach and grapefruit. These colors have a warm and comforting effect and make great colors to use as accents all around the home. Shades of orange, lemon and peach have a freshness about them that is appealing and makes great colors for the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Goldenrod is another example of an orange shade which gives off an inviting sensation as it is a shade of warm gold. Similarly, shades of yellow tend to reflect a warm sensation making goldenrod a very popular choice to hang curtains in and around the home.

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Shades of Yellow Color can also be used to denote different kinds of emotion. For instance, shades of red make people feel passionate and energetic while shades of yellow give off a feeling of cheerfulness. So, next time you want to express your mood, try turning on your favorite shades of yellow and see how that feels!

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