Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series. It has a large following and is loved by many people. Although the last season was quite a punch in your gut, fans still love the show. House of Dragons is getting a spin-off, but it won’t arrive until 2022. What would you do? It’s not enough to just keep watching the GOT episodes over and over again. You are entitled to see shows like Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones was HBO’s most popular series for eight seasons. It won nearly 60 Emmy Awards while it aired. There aren’t many shows that can match this series’ sheer size, but there are some. Although they might not have as many dragons but there are still series that offer lusty romances and fantastical sequences.

If you are looking for more action, historical wars, bloodshed, and romance, we have a list of shows similar to Game of Thrones. Here’s a list of shows you should watch on Netflix, Prime or HBO.


The Witcher

Good news: The Witcher will soon be returning to Netflix. The streaming version of the fantasy series will make you a fan if you have not yet seen the first season. The series follows Geralt of Riva (Henry Cavill), Crown Prince Ciri (Freya Allan), Yennefer Of Vengerberg (Anya Chalottra), who are three distinct beings from Sodden Hill and must work together to defend the land. They are connected by destiny and slowly work their way together through various magical quests.




Vikings is another great series, just like Game of Thrones. It follows the adventures of young Viking Ragnar Lóthbrok (Travis Fimmel), as he travels westward across the ocean. With the help of his Viking friends, he builds a fleet to sail across the ocean in search of a new Western land. He will have to fight Earl Haraldson for supremacy, the local Chieftain, if he is to move anywhere with his new life. These feuds, which are almost Game of Thrones-worthy, feature the pair engaging in epic sparring.


Shadow and Bone

Netflix’s new series Shadow and Bonecreated a TV version of the Grishaverse. It adapted Leigh Bardugo’s novels into a thrilling fantasy series. Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) is a cartographer who discovers that she has the rare ability of controlling light. Alina joins the Grisha to fight for her homeland as the Shadow Fold threatens her homeland. She will need to train with a charming (and skilled) general if she is to be an elite Grisha soldier.




The story focuses on the life and times of King Henry VIII as he reigns over his kingdom. The series focuses on the 16 th century, and the lives of those who lived under his rule.

Although the series is short on real facts, it is still fascinating and tells stories of tragedy. Expect to see random sword-slaying of the peasants as well as the peak of power and repression.

Da Vinci’s Demons

Leonardo Da Vinci’s name won’t be forgotten. It has survived for centuries, and it will continue to live on because Leonardo wasn’t an ordinary person.

Artist, inventor, dreamer, idealist, lover and swordsman, he was simply a genius whose name has spread from Florence to all of Italy and the rest.

However, the movie is not based on exact facts and should not be considered a documentary. There will be scenes that depict cult practices and mythical creatures, as well as intense scenes of romance.




Apple TV+’s – This takes place many years after the 21st Century, although this photo might suggest otherwise. Jason Momoa seems to be gliding through a medieval fantasy world, doesn’t he? The show’s story is about what happens after a virus kills all but 2,000,000 people. Those who survive have lost their sight. Baba Voss (Momoa), a mountain man, marries a woman in the mountains and then their twins… Wait… See. The Queen has declared the non-blind children to be a threat to her own future, and he must defend himself and his family.

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The only TV show that could be as steamy Game of Thrones is Outlander. Starz’s fantasy drama navigates between World War II and the 18th Century (at least for the first time). Claire Randall (Caitriona balfe) is a nurse who miraculously finds herself transported into 1743. She forms a very intimate and passionate relationship with a local there, which leads to some of the most sexy scenes ever seen on TV. Jon and Daenerys, sorry!


Rome was HBO’s biggest series before Game of Thrones took over the network. As Julius Caesar’s war continues and his dictatorship falls, the saga centers around two Roman soldiers. Although the show does take time to cover the important political events and noble citizens of Rome, it focuses mainly on the two ordinary citizens who are involved in the many wars that rage around the city. Although the majority of the series is dramatized it still offers fascinating insight into some aspects of global history.

The Nevers

After Rome take a look at the series that followed Game of ThronesThe Nevers. This Victorian-era drama features outstanding performances by leading ladies Ann Skelly and Laura Donnelly. They embark on a journey to discover their extraordinary powers and fight vicious enemies in London to make a difference.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Friends betrayed and forced into slavery, he becomes a Gladiator. This is the captivating story about a man who fights for his freedom and defeats the royals.

It is full of violence, gruesome murders, nudity and Roman history. The story is about Thracian gladiator, who rebelled against the Roman Republic and led a rebellion for freedom. Six episodes comprise the series.


The Borgias

In the 15th century, Italy was ruled by the Borgias, a powerful crime family. Rodrigo Borgia, the head of this family, tries to become Pope Alexander VI by using his many sons, alliances made through marriage, and murders.

This show is packed with powerful elements, including family, religion, power, and affairs of the heart and state. It’s a must-see!

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The White Queen

Murder, romance, seduction. The story of the white queen is told by the 15 th century after-war devastated England.

Three women are featured in the story who will do anything to get to the English throne. These women make use of their beauty to seduce men and to control power. This series has ten episodes. It also portrays historical drama.

You can watch the show on Amazon Prime.

The Last Kingdom

This was Netflix’s answer for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Although it wasn’t a great show in the beginning, it is now a very popular Netflix Original. Based on the work of Bernard Cornwell , The Last Kingdom will return to Netflix for its fifth season in 2022.

Osbert, renamed Uthbert, is the story of a man who discovers that he’s not who he claims to be and is actually the heir to Ealdorman’s throne. The Last Kingdom is an exciting series that combines politics, wars, and revelations. It’s a show you should watch if your interest lies in shows like Game of Thrones.


Knight fall

A mix of swordplay, politics and killings, Knightfall has them all. This story tells the story of a middle-aged military group that rises up to defend Christianity’s most valuable relics. This series is about Landry the leader of the Templars.

While he is out on his quest for the holy treasure, a series of betrayals and battles ensue that lead to Friday the 13 , the world’s most cursed day.

This show is now available worldwide on Netflix.


Versailles is the story of Louis XIV also known as The Sun king. Louis XIV, the French king, ordered the construction of Versailles. It would later become one of Europe’s most beautiful and luxurious palaces. The emperor had other plans and made this palace a hub of corruption, violence, and scheming aristocrats.


Although no other show is comparable to The Game of Thrones, it’s still a legend for a show that has been running successfully with a growing fanbase.

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