This is your February 2022 guide for the best Netflix shows in the US. We’ll show you our top 20 shows below. No matter if you are a new subscriber or an old one, these TV shows are worth your time. This list will be expanded throughout 2022, with the goal of reaching 100 of the most popular shows in the near future.

This list will cover a variety of genres, including comedy, drama, and action. This list does contain some notable exceptions. We only cover series that are primarily in English. This is not to suggest that there aren’t many great foreign titles available on Netflix, but we keep this list at 20.

If you are new to Netflix, this list is a great place to start.

20. The Umbrella Academy

Seasons: 2
Network: Netflix
Genre: Superhero action
Status: In Progress

After The Defenders from Marvel ended, Netflix knew it had big shoes to fill. The Umbrella Academy excels at this task.

The story of the adopt siblings is told years later, after their peak. It has some major stars, including Mary J. Blige and Ellen Page. But it is also an engaging story from beginning to end.

19. Manifest

Seasons: 2 ( 3 to follow).
Network: NBC
Genre: Drama
Show status Unknown

manifest best tv show on netflix

The series was a surprise addition to Netflix’s streaming service in mid-2021. It went on to shock everyone by becoming the most watched show on Netflix for much of the summer. It was added alongside the announcement by NBC that the show had been cancelled.

Drama follows the story of a plane that disappears and then returns five years later. It taps into the same mysterious notes which made Lost such a cultural hit. While it’s not perfect, it’s still incredibly addictive.

18. Peaky Blinders Netflix Original

Seasons Available in 5
Network: BBC / Netflix
Genre: Historical Drama
Status: In progress


The series is marketed in the US as a Netflix Original, but it was created in the UK by the BBC. The BBC excels at creating period dramas.

This gangster series is set in post-World War 1 Birmingham and features Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, the leader a notorious gang.

This series is a brilliant interpretation of the historical period, and it is some of most captivating TV. The best part is that new seasons are available quickly on Netflix because of the Netflix exclusivity.

17. Black Mirror Netflix Original

Seasons Available in 5
Network: Channel 4 / Netflix
Genre: Sci-fi dramas of anthology
Status: Permanent Hiatus

The British series was picked up by Netflix because Netflix has nothing like it. Anthology series often uses twisted technology to influence episodes and people. The stories rarely have a happy ending, but they will leave you with many questions.


Charlie Brooker, who I believe is one of the most intelligent TV writers in the world at the moment, created the series. With Netflix’s financial backing, the series keeps on reaching new heights.

The show is currently on permanent hiatus.

16. Daredevil Netflix Original

Seasons are available in 3
Netflix Network
Genre: Superhero drama
Status: End

Daredevil is the first Defender to appear on Netflix. He’s also the one that has the longest lasting impact. Daredevil is still the most popular superhero series on Netflix, thanks to its amazing characters and incredible fight scenes.

Although Disney has unfortunately pulled the plug on The Defenders on Netflix, there are still many reasons to watch this fantastic show that helped the genre become as popular in the TV space.

15. The Last Kingdom Netflix Original

Seasons are available in 4
Network: BBC America / Netflix
Genre: Historical Dramas
Status: Ended with the final season in 2022, and a movie

Netflix wants to be able to compete with HBO’s Game of Thrones. Although Netflix’s Marco Polo series failed, cross-production between Netflix & BBC is giving HBO a serious challenge.

BBC America has withdrawn its support for the show. Netflix is now taking over the reins and the series continues to grow in all areas.

This series stars Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox and takes us back in time to the Vikings era when Alfred the Great must defend the home from invaders.

14. Castlevania

Seasons: 4
Network: Netflix
Genre: animation
Status: Ending but coming back with a new spin-off

castlevania netflix

We’ve tried to avoid including anime in this list, but including them on a separate list has been our preference. Castlevania is an exception.

Warren Ellis adapted the videogame series to create some of the most memorable animation series. Even if you aren’t a fan of anime, this is a great entry point for those who have avoided shows like this.

Castlevania was sung by Alejandra Reynoso and Richard Armitage.

13. The Good Place

Seasons are available in 3
Network: NBC
Genre: Comedy
Status: End

NBC lost the title of top comedy series producer, but The Good Place has done a great job of bringing the crown back to NBC.

It is difficult to properly describe the series due to its many twists, turns. But it boils down basically to a group or people dying and heading to The Good Place.

It’s smart and hilarious. If you don’t watch the entire first season, you might not be able to keep up with it.

The Good Place can be viewed as a Netflix Original outside of the United States, but will eventually be available on Netflix in the United States.

12. Our Planet Netflix Original

Seasons: 1
Network: Netflix
Genre, Nature. Documentary
Show status Ended

our planet show netflix

In the interest of keeping this list focused, we’ve deliberately left out documentary series. However, this video showpiece is being made for Netflix.

This 8-part series, narrated by David Attenborough takes you on a journey around the globe to show off all that Planet Earth has.

It is the best Netflix documentary series and must-watch for all ages.

11. The Crown Netflix Original

Seasons are available in 4
Netflix Network
Genre: Historical Drama
Status: In progress

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The Crown, a Netflix original, was released in November 2016. It focuses on Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign. The first season begins when Elizabeth is 25 years old, newly married and about to become Monarch of British Empire. It has received praise for its incredible acting, script, attention to detail, and attention to detail.

It is one of the most expensive shows on Netflix, at an estimated $156,000,000.

10. Love, Death & Robots Netflix Original

Genre :Animated Drama
Show Status In Progress

Love Death & Robots is a must-have for any anthology series. We will be jumping from one story to the next in this sixteen-episode season. Each story has a unique animation style and a sci-fi-infused story. You can comfortably consume it in one sitting.

David Fincher produced the first season, which is a bonus. However, the second season has more amazing stories and is much easier to digest with each episode taking approximately 10 minutes.

9. Community

Seasons: 6
Network: NBC
Genre: Comedy. Sitcom
Show Status End for Now

community top 50 tv series on netflix

The history of community is as fascinating as the show. There were many bumps along the way, but these are the facts. Community is a great source of comedy. Period.

After a lawyer is expelled for faking his degree, he finds a small college in the community and forms a study group.

It’s intelligent, engaging, and instantly bingeable on Netflix globally .

8. Lucifer Netflix Original

Seasons: 5
Network: FOX/Netflix
Genre: Drama
Show status: Season 6 is ending

One of the most significant and successful Netflix revivals was the acquisition of Lucifer.

The three-season series ran on FOX for three seasons. It was hugely popular in other countries, where it was available on Netflix. The show was abruptly cancelled by the US viewers and Netflix took control.

The series centers on a devil who moves to Los Angeles in order to open a club. He forms a romantic relationship with a homicide detective.

This series is vibrant with lots of lore and baddies as well as great set pieces.

7. Arcane

Seasons: 1
Network: Netflix
Genre: animation
Show Status Renewed in season 2 of 2023

arcane best series on netflix

Arcane represents a major achievement in animation and storytelling. It is based on League of Legends IP, which has slowly expanded into other formats over recent years. Perhaps its greatest expansion to TV is yet.

Both critics and viewers have given glowing reviews and they are right. It’s a masterpiece, and it’s just the beginning.

6. Midnight Mass

Limited Seasons Available
Netflix Network
Genre: Horror

midnight mass netflix

Mike Flanagan is a master of horror and this series shows the culmination of his years in the field. It’s a gripping and thought-provoking series.

The story centers on Riley returning to an island where strange miracles are occurring with a new priest.

Even though the pace is not for everyone, outstanding performances and a never-ending plotline keep you interested throughout. This series is a great example of what a limited series can and should be.

5. Mindhunter Netflix Original

Seasons are available in 2
Netflix Network
Genre: Crime Drama
Show status on Hold

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David Fincher is a great cameraman. His best work is on Netflix’s Mindhunter.

Two FBI agents create a new division within the bureau to investigate serial killers who are some of the most prolific in history.

The review Dani Di Placido’s on Forbes is the one I agree with the most. He says the show is so good, it ” makes you feel physically sick”. It is truly that powerful.

The show seems to be on a temporary hiatus.

4. The Queen’s Gambit Netflix Original

Seasons: 1
Network: Netflix
Genre, Drama, Sport
Show status Limited series

the queens gambit netflix best tv show

Netflix’s limited series are a huge part of its original Netflix lineup. The Queen’s Gambit is the title that stands out.

The show, which appears to have appeared out of nowhere, tells the story Beth Harmon, a chess genius. It also shows her struggle to rise through the ranks of chess and face her demons.

It’s almost like a perfect series, with everything working together to create a perfect harmony.

3. Ozark Netflix Original

Seasons are available in 4
Netflix Network
Genre: Crime drama
Status: Ending in 2022

It is often compared to Breaking Bad because it is just as violent, gritty, and character-driven. Jason Bateman plays a financial planner who is entangled in a money-laundering scam that leads to him falling prey to a drug lord. He moves to Ozarks with his family to implement a plan that would pay off his debt and help his family.

Fantastic writing and direction. A strong female presence in large roles is another highlight. All of this results in the best TV series on Netflix.

2. Stranger Things Netflix Original

Seasons are available in 3
Netflix Network
Genre: Sci-fi Drama
Status: In progress

It was a huge success when Stranger Things premiered on Netflix. This sci-fi series from the 1980s is a mixture of a murder mystery and a conspiracy plot, mixed with a superhero series and a monster series. It just works. You can argue that it takes cues from movies and series, but you can’t deny that it excels in every aspect it borrows.

Season 2 saw the series rise to new heights, with established characters facing a bigger threat than the first. This is a thrilling series featuring great characters and some the best CGI you will see on TV.

Season 3, which was released in July 2019, broke all records on Netflix and is considered to be the best of the three.

1. Breaking Bad

Seasons Available in 5
AMC Network
Genre: Crime drama
Status: End


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are the stars of one of the most critically-acclaimed series ever, but it is only surpassed by a few HBO hits that unfortunately aren’t available on Netflix.

AMC took it out of the park by giving Vince Gilligan the chance to create the series, which follows a teacher of chemistry who faces the possibility of a premature death if he doesn’t raise enough money to pay for his cancer treatment.

The series’ end is over but the series legacy will last for decades due to the outstanding performances of the cast, exceptional cinematography and storylines that push boundaries in what a TV show can be.

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