Anime girls are quite popular especially in the fantasy genres of anime. They are the main characters of most of the anime series. There is not one hundred percent agreed upon character design for animes girls but they sure have a lot of variety. I am sure you have seen the latest anime series which is Bleach. Bleach has some great characters including Uryuu and Kuchiki Byakuya. Most of the Bleach characters have the ability to change into a powerful demon called Kukui.

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Cool Blue Haired Anime Girls

Cool Blue Haired Anime Girls

Bleach is a very popular anime series, it has even gained enough popularity that bleaching the Movie came out. The bleach girls are Uryuu and Suzuno. Suzuno has this blue haired anime girls look. She has the ability to control the wind and has some cool skills as a martial artist. In the anime series she is usually seen by a part time filler character named Kuchiki byakuya.

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As for the role of the Blue haired anime girls of Bleach the most well known is Kuchiki byakuya. He is the master of Kuchiki byakuya’s techniques. Many fans have found him to be the most interesting of all the anime characters. If you are interested in Blue haired anime girls then do check out Bleach.

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