When it comes to anime characters, the ones that always get my vote are the most cool and teenage girl fans. There is simply something about these girls that makes me feel young at heart. One of my favorite anime girl characters is Yuuka Aizawa from the Lucky Star series. Yuuka is one of those mysterious yet cute schoolgirls that gets a lot of attention from the viewer. This mysterious girl is shown as a genius on many levels, yet her cool personality and great skills make her popular among young viewers.

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Most Cool Anime Girl Characters

Most Cool Anime Girl Characters

The other most popular anime girl characters are those who have a strong connection with the members of their favorite anime group. Saki Hasumi from the Bakugan series is an example of this type of girl, even though she was considered dead when the show first began. She is a secret keeper that is part of the secret organization known as Gekko that looking after the wellbeing of the dimensional travelers called the Barkspillars. While it’s not exactly clear how important she is to the team, her existence is certainly important to them, and they could do without her if they didn’t have her there to protect them.

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Of course, there are plenty of other anime girl characters that are popular among male viewers as well. There are of course the classic anime girls such as Chiaki, Riko and Kyouko from the anime series Death note. These three girls easily qualify as being my favorite anime girl characters because they are different from the traditional girl characters, yet all three of them are strong in their own way. They’re tough, smart, and persevere, which is what I believe it takes to make a great anime girl character.

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