What is the best definition for SISTER actually? As we know, the meaning for this word can change from person to person. For example, Google’s definition for sister is “a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents.”

But for me of course is not just that cause as someone with a younger sister, I can attest to the fact that it is, indeed, most amazing thing I have ever have without trying 🙂 Yes, they can be a bit of a pain sometimes (especially if you have 2 years younger and needy sister like me, I don’t want to think about our teenage years) and of course, sibling rivalry just comes with the territory. But overall, a sister is the best gift your parents can give you. Not only does gives you two closets (or more) to choose from when you’re growing up, but as it turns out, having a sister is really have impact to both your physical and mental health, too.

A 2010 study found that people with sisters are generally kinder and more sharing, even if they do bicker with them.

The study examined 395 families with more than one child, one of whom had to be between the ages of 10 and 14. The adolescent was given a series of questions regarding their sibling who was closest in age to them, and their answers were videotaped. The following year, the adolescents were asked the same questions and were recorded again.

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Researchers found it that it was sisters who had the biggest impact on the adolescents when it came to how nice they were. While brothers also have some bearing on how a person will end up, the presence of sister become clear to promote more possibility of harmony.

Sooo why not get a tattoo of something so meaningful and good for us? (I mean researchers says it good for us:)) If you love your sisters and want to memorialize the bond you share, then a perfect way to do this is with a Tattoo! When it comes to deciding on your tattoo, there are many different options to choose from; simple and minimalistic to detailed and complicated pieces.

Matching Sister Tattoos


Think of something that you’ll both be happy with, that reminds you of the connection the two of you have.

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Small Sister Tattoos


If you’re not a big fan of inking your skin and afraid of the pain like me 😊 , yet you still want something to symbolize the connection between you and your sister, a small tattoo is a great option.

Big Sister, Little Sister Tattoos


Yours could be bigger or smaller than your sisters, depending on whether you are the older or younger sibling.

Sister Flower Tattoos


Flower tattoos are an easy design to turn to and looks so chic.

Unusual Sister Tattoos


Maybe there was something that you and your sister would regularly do together, like me and my sister listening music together, so it will be unique tattoo for you.

Twin Tattoos


So you’re a twin, and you want to get a tattoo with your sister get half of a tattoo that becomes full when the two of you are joint.

Simple Sister Tattoos


Simple tattoos always look sweet, discreet, and can still have a lot of meaning behind them.

Quotes Sister Tattoos


It’s best to find a quote that represents the connection you have or describes the relationship between the two of you.

Colorful Sister Tattoos


Think about the tattoo design you want, then decide whether it would look better in color or in black ink. If you’re close in age, we wouldn’t be surprised if your parents used to dress you solely in one or two colors when you were growing up.

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Date Sister Tattoos


Getting the date or year that your sister was born tattooed on you is a very sentimental idea. Everyone who sees it is going to recognize that the date is linked to you somehow.

Behind the Ear, Sister Tattoos


It’s a great area to get small flowers, hearts, dates, or roman numerals but they must be kept simple.

Sister Tattoos for 3


Though if you’re thinking of keeping it simple, getting numerals in your age order is a perfect design. It’s very symbolic, and a great idea can on each of you be happy about it.

Ribs Tattoos


Rib tattoos symbolizes often represent life, love, and passion so perfect place to do tattoo with your sister!

Ankle Tattoos


If you have so many tattoos on your hand, shoulder or upper body and want to have special place for you sister tattoo ankle is a good place.

Bird Tattoos


Birds represent our eagerness and desire to live a spiritually free and happy life it is a perfect message to have with your sister.

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