Cross tattoos are a very common choice among many people nowadays. There is something undeniably appealing about the prospect of having a cross tattooed on your body. The solid red and black design has a long and rich history going back as far as the first Century AD. Many people associate the cross with Christianity and are not surprised when they come across a picture of a cross-dressing pop star sporting one. Of course many Christians have a strong objection to the cross being displayed publicly, especially in a public setting.

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Best Cross Tattoo Ideas

Best Cross Tattoo Ideas

Another of the simple cross tattoo ideas that has long been used by many women for fashion and religious reasons is the tattoo of a star. The star has always been associated with spirituality and can be found displaying on the foreheads of many women as well as other parts of their bodies. The double-headed eagle is another design that features two different points on the same angle, this features two opposing sides of the star which is then added on to a larger image. It features two intersecting lines, which has multiple interpretations depending on the viewer. Some people see the star as another symbol of change, while others see it as a reminder of the past.

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The most famous design which features two pointed ends, known as the Celtic cross is also the first to be associated with Christianity. Made popular by the Irish poet and playwright Columcille MacNair, the Celtic cross features two intersecting lines, which have been added on to a larger image. Some people see it as a reminder of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, while others see it as a display of pride for the Celtic peoples heritage. Another of the best cross tattoos ideas is the tattoo of the wings of a swallow. The swallow is one of the most famous of all birds, it is also regarded as a symbol of good luck and can be seen in various forms, including tattoos.

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