These are just the right colors that go well with blue shades; these are the exact colors that usually appears on opposing side of the color wheel. Getting a good color contrast for your window is one of the important step to designing the attractive look. This design have different strong contrasts of blue color. The primary color that appear in blue are known as the warmest one, while the secondary color is known as the coolest one.

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different shades of blue

different shades of blue

To achieve this cool and warm effect, it is very necessary to choose the right shade of blue to harmonize the light blue color from the morning. Some good combination that could bring out the coolness of light blue are using light blue with silver gray, using light blue with copper green and using light blue with gold, it will produce cool result, however it will not make the room elegant. However, if you use light blue with yellow, lemon yellow and beige, it will give warm result like the previous result. Then, using light blue with cream, chocolate and beige it produces cool result like the previous result. As you see, the different shades of blue color can create an alternative lighting scheme by simply use a single shade.

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It is important to understand that there are different shades of blue, so you can select a right shade. Blue hues like aqua, purple, lilac, lavender, rose and deep purple are rarely used. In fact, for some shades of turquoise blue and lilac shades of lavender is used. If you wish to create a dramatic effect, you can use the different shades of turquoise to create an illusion of sky. Therefore, you can add the different shades of turquoise to create a dramatic effect.

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