In this article explore the influence of commercialization on girls animation production and the societal relationship between artistic creation and monetary motivation in creating a girl cartoon product. Then discuss how this new genre placed in place some gender normativeness, financial motivation and other criteria to define girl cartoons as well as girl-visual media consumption and how these factors were able to shape the eventual identity and popularity of this genre. Finally we will discuss how critics of this genre have been influential on the evolution of this art form. Finally we will consider how the expansion of this genre has been driven by an expanding publics’ perception of girl cartoon characters.

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Strong Girl Cartoon Characters

Strong Girl Cartoon Characters

After viewing all these movies, it is easy to see that a lot of effort goes into the creative process of creating a successful cartoon for the market. Creativity and care is put into every step of the way to ensure that this character (girl) is brought to life on a universal level through exaggerated proportions, brilliant colours and unique story telling. It is no wonder that a lot of dedicated people invest so much time and energy in these animations. A lot of girls seem to find it easier to identify with these cute little cartoon characters than most boys do, and they also seem to enjoy being fans and followers of these characters more than their parents and other loved ones.

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In summary, the animation is a very important medium that has a significant influence over how people view, react and interact with culture. It provides a means of creativity and entertainment for millions of girls and boys. By creating girl cartoons, creators are able to reach out to a target audience of girls and create stories and characters that will appeal to their preferences and provide them with the chance to be part of an animated universe.

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