In the tattoo world, bears have always been a favorite design which can really show up in almost any design. Some individuals go for the cuddly and soft side ofeddy bears, while some other show off their sharp and scary claws and teeth. So are you planning on getting a bear tattoo design? Let me explore some bear folklore and legends.

Bear Tattoo Designs

Bear Tattoo Designs

It has been said that some people were turned into werewolves because of their feline nature. If you look into some old fairy tales and folklore, you can find a few wolves that were turned into vicious beasts through unfortunate circumstances. Some fairy tale characters that were turned into wild animals later went on to become powerful, fearsome beasts in their own rights.

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Some tribes believe that bears can symbolize courage and power. In many societies, it is a sign of a younger person that has not yet fully acclimated themselves to the world as we know it. In some areas, the symbol has also been used to honor an individual who had been sacrificed. Perhaps, these things are why so many people choose a demonic bear to be tattooed on their bodies. In early times, Vikings considered the bear to be a good omen. The god Thor hung a bear at his entrance, to ensure safe passage into his home. Whether the bear was seen as a protection or a welcoming symbol, its symbolism is still relevant today in tribal cultures all over the world.

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Bear Tattoo
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