Are you looking for some easy mountains to draw? I can tell you that finding the perfect drawing for a mountain is easier than most people think. Most people just look up pictures of mountains on the Internet and take what they see. If you really want to know how to draw mountains, you have to think outside the box. Here are some easy mountains drawing ideas that may help you find the inspiration you need.

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Easy Mountains Drawing Ideas

Easy Mountains Drawing Ideas

The mountains that surround the coastlines of the United States are an easy subject. If you enjoy mountains and coastlines, chances are you could use a variety of different mountains that you have drawn to add depth to your sketches. Use the contrast between the mountains and the softer colors of the valleys, to emphasize the contrast. You may even find it is easier to draw the mountains if you don’t use shading on the land.

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Even if you don’t have any particular drawing idea for how to draw mountains, you can still use this as a time to think about the types of subjects that would look good on a mountain. What are your other ideas for landscape drawing? I would suggest using a combination of a variety of subjects in your sketches. This will ensure that you have a variety of styles that you can work with when drawing the mountains.

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