The importance of good design in communicating effectively cannot be overstated, perhaps because the content is frequently considered while designing sites. Typography is among the most modest but effective methods for marketers to keep customers engaged digitally.

Designers build a content link with the user by carefully picking the proper fonts, font combinations, and text size while also directing attention to critical portions of the website. In addition, fonts contribute significantly to brand impression by communicating mood and tone, ranging from edgy, contemporary, or vital to delicate and gentle.

Here’s some information about font kinds, our favorite fonts, or where to acquire those to help spread the font passion. To visit any of the websites mentioned below, if they are not available in your region, download a reliable VPN such as VeePN to unblock websites. Also with VeePN subscription to any site can be cheaper. Everyone knows this marketing move, when the price depends on the location. 


Fonts in Serif or Sans Serif Styles

Serifs & sans serifs are indeed the two main types of typefaces. Serifs are little lines that run along the border of letters, whereas sans serif typefaces are those that don’t have them.

Sans serif fonts are more contemporary and were created to be seen easily on the computer, giving them a fantastic option for body content and scrolling. To distinguish heads and block quotations, use a complementing serif font in a bigger letter scale. The serif may give a site a distinct personality (typically biz, well-established, and more professional), but the simple sans-serif may fill gaps between paragraphs.

  1. Google fonts
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Among the most comprehensive libraries on the internet, typefaces are Google Fonts. This one has over 1,300 font choices to choose from.

You may filter your results by genre, language, frequency, and even parameters like thickness and breadth. Then, to modify the sample text, tap on the font test. 

Among the most valuable features of Google Fonts has been the font previewing tool. For example, you may preview a sentence or a word in whatever font you want. You may also raise the text size or move on to a new font variant.

Lastly, you may examine how a typeface looks when combined, which might assist you in finding the ideal font mix for your task.

  1. FontBundles

FontBundles curates font packages to help developers save a few dollars. The site also has a section called Free Fonts, and it includes dozens of online fonts you may acquire and use after signing up.

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Unlike most other sites on this listing, FontBundles’ library is updated regularly. On the Freeware Typeface of every Week website, one professional font is presented each week. So when you’re a developing typographer, save this site and return to it weekly.

FontBundles provides you with a professional typeface for nothing and a license that enables anyone to go there professionally.

  1. Behance

Behance is a website where most of the top designers display their work. Many designers use it as a showcase website, whereas others utilize it to promote and exhibit their work, whether it’s design files or typefaces.

If you want to play around with typefaces, go to Behance and look under “free fonts.” One won’t necessarily discover a whole font collection with various variations, but you’ll undoubtedly find what interests you.

When you’re seeking typefaces for a visual design process, Behance is a fantastic place to start. Of course, any project, including logos, social networking banners, or posters, will provide positive results. However, if you’re searching for a fresh font for a design that will stand out, this is the one to go with.

  1. Dribbble

Dribbble is a similar but less well-known site to Behance. Nevertheless, because Dribbble is famous with Design professionals, you’ll discover an extensive range of typefaces on the website. To get going, Google “free fonts.” Even though the collection isn’t as comprehensive as Behance’s, plenty of contemporary script or serif fonts are available.

  1. Fontspace
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Fontspace seems to be a font database that has over 75,000 typefaces. Fonts are shown using a visual technique. You’ll also get a picture from the developer that highlights the typeface and the standard editable font sample. So, if you’re searching for typefaces for a visual arts job, using them in action is a great place to start.

Fontspace displays all typefaces by default. When you only want to view typefaces that are free for corporate use, go over to the Gear icon, then choose Only see commercial-use fonts.

  1. Urbanfonts

 Urbanfonts is a much more refined, contemporary form of Dafont, making it among the top free font websites. As a result, the site is more user-friendly and visually pleasing. However, the basic structure remains the very same. A selection of typefaces will appear, which you may filter by a category, launch date, or demand.

The preview tool in Urbanfont is likewise superior. Customized text on just a black backdrop can be used to preview typefaces. The complete alphabet appears throughout the preview window as you hover your mouse over the display.

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