If you want to know how to draw Anime eyes, this short tutorial is for you. This is one of the most difficult steps in learning how to draw Anime eyes, but it is also one of the most fun steps. It is really important that you understand what causes an eye to move in the first place. That is why this tutorial will be so brief and quick, I’m just going to cover the basics here. There are many different methods of drawing an eye, but they all basically involve tracing the outline of your eye onto a face expression or character’s head/body.

How To Draw Anime Eyes?

How To Draw Anime Eyes?

The first step in drawing Anime eyes is to find an example picture of an eye that you like and get an idea of what it looks like, this step is very important. Next you need to decide how you want your Anime eye to look, you can either draw it as straight, or as slightly slanted. Once you have decided on the aspect, you will need to move onto the next step which is drawing the actual outline of the eye itself. For the sake of time, I recommend you start with the straight option, it is probably the easiest if you are new.

Make sure you smooth out any little details that are not smooth enough with pencil, there is no such thing as perfect drawing, so mistakes will happen. Once you are happy with the results, take a look at your work, try and improve on anything that you didn’t do correctly. There are many tips and tricks on the internet to help you become a better artist, so don’t worry, there will always be someone trying to make things easier for you. Happy drawing!

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