If you’re asked to give a maid of honor speech example, here’s what you should have in mind. The maid of honor is the person who is going to give the toast at the wedding reception. You’ll want to make sure that your speech is uplifting, interesting, and has some content that will get the big day underway. This is also a great time to introduce your relationship to the crowd.

Best Maid of Honor Speech Examples

Best Maid of Honor Speech Examples

Introduce your relationship: Your maid of honor is going to be talking to a lot of people, not just the bride, so make sure that you introduce your relationship to the crowd before you go on. You’ll want to talk about how you’ve known the bride for a long time, share stories about her growing up, and maybe even brag a little. However, don’t go on too long; you’ll want to be able to get through your toast without too much time left on the clock. Use short stories about how you’ve known the bride or groom, but don’t go on too long about their relationship. Use examples from your own life: if you’re a good cook, talk about how you’ve cooked for some of your best friends over the years, or about something that you did at home while you were dating.

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Keep it short: One of the best things about being the best man or maid of honor is that you don’t have to go very long before you have to go to the bathroom or eat dinner. Nobody really wants to listen to you talk on about how wonderful the bride and groom are, so keep it short. Practice your speech beforehand: record it and read it out loud, this way it’ll flow more naturally into your speaking.

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