I’ll tell you story of my first acrylic pouring experience. Of course, I made many mistakes as a beginner. I would like to share with you mistakes I made. The wonderful acrylic painting videos that I saw on the internet it was like relaxing art therapy and it was refreshing me.

Oneday I had an idea while watching the acrylic pouring video for beginners. Why didn’t I just try? Sounds like a fun hobby. OK, I’ll try. After that I ordered acrylic paints in basic colors and one canvas from the internet. I was very excited when my order arrived. Above all I should have shown this abstract painting to other people. I immediately grabbed my tripod, prepared my materials and started pouring acrylic. After I poured the paint into a plastic cup, I realized something was wrong. The paint used in the videos I watched looked more and fluid.

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Nevertheless, I continued painting. As you can see the paint flowed hard on the canvas πŸ˜€ If you haven’t seen my video yet, I’ll leave the link here.

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I didn’t use acrylic paint before, so I thought it was broken for the first time. But the problem is not acrylic paint πŸ™‚ Problem is my carelessness

What I Learned About Acrylic Pouring?

The thing I learned later was that I had to use acrylic pouring medium to make the paints fluid like in the videos. Another thing I’ve learned is that it’s useful to read the descriptions of youtube videos. If I read the descriptions of the videos I watched, I can seen that I needed acrylic pouring medium. Of course, the resulting table was not as in my dreams. but now I have stepped into the abstract art world. This is enough for me πŸ™‚

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So my friends, I learned the materials I should use for acrylic pouring. in my next project I will encounter other problems. See you next post!

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