Helloo, Today I will share my new story as a beginner abstract painter.

Easy Abstract Painting For Beginners

As you can see, I’ve improved my materials and video production considerably. I found this great idea while browsing on YouTube. As usual.

Because I love tables simple and easy to do. But not every simple thing is easy. Simple things doesn’t necessarily have to be easy, for example pushing a stone weighing 500 kg is simple, but not easy, because it’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. Okay, that’s enough philosophy.

I painted an concrete object for the first time in this video. And I used a brush, palette knife for the first time. Also this is first time I did something other than acrylic pouring. So that, I was more excited than ever.

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How to Easy Abstract Painting?

This piece is my favorite painting. I only used red, yellow, orange and blue acrylic paints. Also white acrylic paint for background, it is not imperative. You just need for it fan brush, flat brush and palette knife. First of all, I applied white acrylic paint on the canvas. Above all, I put a pair of blue, orange, yellow and red acrylic colors on the canvas. Then, I spread the paints on a beautiful canvas using a fan brush. Also I did it until it gave the shape of a pine tree.

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And I created shadows with fan brush. I applied white paint on the palette knife and created the branches and shadows of the trees on the canvas.

What I Learned?

The shape of the palette knife you use when making branches on trees is important. Otherwise it is very difficult to apply the paint properly. I recommend that you test the appropriate pallet knife on a paper in advance. You can also use other materials subject to. palette knife not required.

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This wonderful nature picture came out. For me it was really a relaxing work of art. Of course I’m at the beginning of the road. I know that I can do much better things over time.

Thank you for reading. I hope you like. if you like, please comment and share. I’m open to your advice. Please give me advice in comments.

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