If you are searching for some easy nose drawing ideas, you have reached the right place. You see, I have spent many years trying to figure out the best way to draw noses, but I haven’t been successful until recently. Now that I have finally figured out how, I really enjoy drawing noses. You may be asking yourself, “Why does it take me so long to draw an easy nose? Why don’t I just walk into the art store and pick up a brush?” The reason why it takes me so long to draw an easy nose is because I never start with the basics.

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Easy Nose Drawing Ideas

Easy Nose Drawing Ideas

When I first started, I started drawing noses by tracing my own nose with a very crude outline. This was followed by shading it using pencil and finally adding depth with various drawing tools including a hard plasticine wheel. After I was done, I would go back and do some more detailed work on my nose, always working at a much slower rate than I usually would when I first started. By the time I got to the point where I was almost drawing free hand, I was very confused as to why I was still struggling to draw noses!

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So what I recommend if you are looking for easy nose drawing ideas is that instead of going directly to the artist’s studio and getting your nose done, you should try doing it on the computer first. It is the easiest way to learn how to draw. Why? Because you can simply make changes to your nose in the program and the software will do the rest. You might think it sounds strange but drawing your nose this way makes it look like you have actually grown your nostrils over the course of the last few years. It also helps you avoid making the common mistakes that artists tend to make when they are drawing noses namely, making them too tight or too loose.

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