Inspirational self love quotes can really make a difference in your life. Here are just some quick, yet valuable self-love quotes to keep in mind that you’re loved and that you matter. And the best person who’s in control of loving you right in YOU is me. These inspirational self love quotes aren’t here to seduce you into getting out of your own way, these are here to inspire something inside of you that might change your life.

Inspirational Self Love Quotes

Inspirational Self Love Quotes

“Remember that love is a divine gift and the universe depends on giving it freely” – Maya Angelou “Remember that love is not a weakness, but a virtue that make you stronger.” – George Bailey “Remember that the greatest obstacles to your dreams have nothing to do with you, but rather with you becoming stuck in your fears instead of focusing on your goals” – David Brinkley “The secret is to stay true to yourself, but let the other person to come along.” – Denis Waitley “If you would like to impress people, don’t try so hard. Just be yourself and let nature take care of the rest.” – Karen Smith “When it comes to attaining your goals, there’s no greater help than confidence.” – Jennifer Sterretto “Life’s most challenging job is to be able to face life’s challenges with courage and dignity.”

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All these inspirational self love quotes and sayings are about how we let go of our problems and start anew. They’re also about how we learn to appreciate ourselves for all we are and not for our shortcomings (if any exist). They’re about taking one day at a time and letting go of what needs to be left behind and loving ourselves for our strengths, for our unique qualities and not for our shortcomings. These quotes encourage you to love yourself so much that you can laugh at yourself even when times get tough and build your confidence and strength to keep going even when everything else around you seems to be crumbling around you.

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