Every one of us faces challenges, difficulties, or just plain old difficulties in this life, but none of them compare to the challenges you might face when you are writing a journal. I’m sure we have all encountered those times when, as a matter of irresponsibility or careless actions, we end up losing or damaging some part of a cherished possession-a family heirloom or a picture frame, for example. And if you are one of those people who “forget” to file your taxes, you will be faced with the prospect of having those irreplaceable items taken from you by the Internal Revenue Service because you failed to pay the required taxes. Those things don’t even come into the picture of losing your beloved pet.

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Journal Writing Prompts – Journal Ideas

Journal Writing Prompts – Journal Ideas

The point I am trying to make here is that it does not matter what kind of “opportunity” comes your way in this world-or which “side” of the coin it is, but the fact remains that you must do whatever you can to ensure that you do everything in your power to write down everything that passes through your mind. Journal Writing Prompts should be as varied as possible. If one of your Journal Writing Prompts is “I had a wonderful time last night watching television,” then you can write that in your journal, but then you could also add “also had a wonderful time walking around the block with my puppy,” or “also had a wonderful time talking with an old friend at Starbucks.” Or you could simply write “my kids and I had a great time playing on the playground; I wrote that down in my journal.”

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If you find that you begin to get frustrated, ask yourself “am I making myself feel bad when I write down these things?” If the answer is no, then try again: “What would make me feel bad when I write them down? What would make me feel good if I did this?” For example, if you found out that your hair was thinning, you could write that down-and then try to figure out why it’s happening to you and what you can do about it-but again, you don’t want to lie to yourself. If you find that you get discouraged and lose all hope, then see your journal writing prompts as a way of reminding you that you are strong and healthy inside and out and that even though life may be a bumpy sometimes, you and those around you still have hope for a better tomorrow. And who knows-maybe it will be the break you were waiting for.

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