When we say “I am being poured into the cupboard of Christ’s grace,” this simply means that I am getting what Christ has poured into my soul. This simply means that the cupboard is full of my very own sin stains. Every time I do wrong, or fail in any way, Christ takes the exact same path as me. That is why I can say with absolute truth: “I am being poured into the cupboard of Christ’s grace!” Here are the top Jesus Christ quotes to read which will surely motivate you to get up and walk right now.

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Top Beloved Jesus Christ Quotes

Top Beloved Jesus Christ Quotes

When God poured the wine of eternal life onto Jesus’ lips, Jesus Christ immediately went up from the tomb and He sat down at His Father’s feet. The next day, Jesus went to visit the woman at the well who had the key. She told her, “I know that you are a woman of faith,” so Jesus went inside of her and sat down at her feet.

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Now I want you to know that you belong to the greatest generation of God’s children. You have been given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, you are to go right now and learn everything you can about Jesus Christ. You must love Him and obey Him because according to the Bible, if you do not obey Him, He will send you to hell. This is why I want you to know that when you go inside of Jesus’ kingdom, you will receive eternal life because He is the King of the heavens and the Father of the spirits of truth and the Lamb of God.

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