If you want your nails to be as pretty and as brilliant as the models in the fashion magazines, then you should definitely consider having some Pastel Nail Designs. These types of nail designs are becoming very popular among women who want to have beautiful nails without spending a fortune. Pastel Nail Designs are also a lot cheaper than having your nails done at a salon or beauty spa. There are so many great looking Pastel Nail Designs that you won’t be able to resist having your own collection. You can easily create your own nail designs, or you can just pick from one of the thousands of awesomely beautiful designs that are available.

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Gorgeous Pastel Nail Designs & Ideas

Gorgeous Pastel Nail Designs & Ideas

Pastel Nail Designs are really simple, although you can certainly embellish them with your own personal touches. Mauve and pink are a very pretty color combination to start with. Then add some gems or other embellishments to make it look even more special. The classic butterfly nail design is always going to look great with any pastel yellow or pink nail polish. If you are planning on doing the design yourself, then you can use a very simple pastel nail kit that contains a base coat, and then you can do the other features such as adding glitter or gems.

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You don’t need professional looking pastel nail designs; they are easy enough to do yourself. Just remember that when you do these designs for the first time, you may not want to use a lot of glitter on your nails. If you do this, then the glitter can catch on things and make your design look messy. Pastel Nail Designs are fun and can really turn you into a fan! It’s important that you go slow and not mess up your design, so go slowly and build your collection of pastels.

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