Nude Nails Designs would be perfect for short fingers. They look very good on all skin tone. For the purpose of you could select for every nail its natural shade of nude nail varnish, and make a simple horizontal line with the progression from the ring finger to small finger or in between. These Nude Nails Designs are best if you use gel paint to apply them. Though many Nude Nails Designs has been done using other method but Gel Paint is always a much better way of doing such designs as they are safe and economical. These Nude Nails Designs is also very easy to maintain.

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Nude Nails Designs

Nude Nails Designs

Many times there is a thin layer of varnish coating on the nails. Though varnishes are applied due to its purpose, still they can damage the surface of the nails by rubbing over it. To avoid this, you should use a brush to brush over the base coat of the nails with the darker and lighter colors of varnishes. You can also try using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove the varnishes from your Nude Nails Designs, and then carefully dip the cotton swab into the alcohol.

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These Nude Nails Designs is also applying using nail kits. Nail kits are available at the local store or on the Internet. All that you have to do is apply the base coat of your Nude Nails Designs and then use the brush or cotton ball to apply the lighter and darker color of varnish on your nails depending upon your choice. These Nude Nails Designs is not only long lasting, but is also very durable.

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