Alright so, I think we can safely say that the world of vampire nail biting has officially been divided into two camps: those who love it, and those who hate it (me included). It seems like such a small and petty subject to be fighting about, and yet, somehow, everyone is sitting around wondering why everyone else isn’t committing to wearing vampire fangs or getting their fingernails done. Well, let’s take a minute to address this question. The fact is, fangs are fun, they look great, and they can actually increase sexual stamina.

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Coffin Nails Short Ideas

Coffin Nails Short Ideas

Let’s start off with how they work. When you bite someone with your nail, you inject a bit of nail polish into their skin. Now when you bite them again, your nails will stick out even longer due to the fact that you actually created a little tear in their skin that is supposed to be there for a while. However, because you caused such a big tear, you now have a bigger, and larger, spot on your hand.

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So what can you do to prevent this from happening? One way to do this is to use a little bit of nail polish remover that you can buy at any pharmacy. If you aren’t careful, you might end up with a little bit of blood on your nails after sucking on someone’s finger, but other than that, you shouldn’t really worry about it. So long as you stay away from people who enjoy eating nails, you should be fine!

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