To help you get started quickly and create as good of Instagram Captions as possible, follow this quick guide with some top tips: What are good Instagram Captions? An excellent Instagram caption can either completely stop someone on their tracks or the more time someone spends reading your caption, the better your caption will rank on the Instagram search engine! A well-written caption is essential when showcasing your images to the world, it should be original and interesting, but also simple to understand. Following these top tips should help you put together the best caption that you can, and will help ensure you have an impact on the audience of Instagram – where your images will not just be ‘read’ but shared!

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Best Insta Captions

Best Insta Captions

The number one rule of showcasing images on Instagram is to use line breaks correctly. Use one to two space characters between words and three if you’re not sure about the size of the line. This will help break up long lines so your audience can better understand what you’re trying to say. It’s also a great way to highlight images or even short videos for your followers.

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If you want to use emojis more than they already do, use them sparingly, using them on Instagram where it makes sense such as when writing good Instagram captions, and also in the links that you share out to your images. To write good Instagram captions, breaking down the language into two types (hue, color, and text) is key. Emojis in your links are a great way of writing good captions, and you should definitely use emojis in everything you share out on the internet!

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