If you ever go to the art store to buy drawing paper or sketch pad then you will most likely be confronted with an array of black and white drawings that are available. This can make it difficult for beginners to understand the intricacies involved in drawing black and white sketches. However if you apply a few common sense rules to your sketches, you should be able to master this art form. There are of course many other tips and tricks that make drawing black and white drawings even easier, but here are a couple of simple tricks to help you get started.

Black And White Drawings & Sketches

Black And White Drawings & Sketches

How you draw in monochrome really depends on if it’s dry or wet media and what colors you are working with. For dry media you basically just use a black charcoal and a few other shades of colors to create tones and lighten up the picture so that it doesn’t look as harsh. If the drawing you are working on is a wet medium then you will need to use a liquid ink that is easily blended onto the dry media. The main trick with black and white drawings is making sure that they are as simple as possible without sacrificing any detail.

As far as learning how to draw a black and white drawing goes, the key to becoming a good artist is practice. If you spend all of your time sketching in black and white ink then you won’t learn how to add shading or depth to your drawings. It takes just as much practice as it does to become a good painter or pencil artist. The bottom line is that the more you put into your pencil drawings the better you will get.

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