When you are starting out as a tattoo artist, there will be a lot of artwork that you draw that will make you want to tear your hair out and throw the pieces into the trash can. Well believe me there is a better way to go about it… Drawing Tattoo Prompts! These are artworks that have already been drawn up by a professional tattoo artist and they are specifically designed to spark your imagination and help you see your tattoo design through a new light. The best part is they will never let you down as they have been drawn with perfection and the finished product will look nothing like what you imagined. Below I am going to share with you some information about how you can get started with drawing up your very own tattoo designs.

Drawing Prompt Ideas – Drawing Prompts for Sketching

Drawing Prompt Ideas – Drawing Prompts for Sketching

The first thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are drawing up your own tattooing prompts you need to make sure that they are completely unique. The only way you are going to end up with something truly amazing is if you take the time to create your own unique design. As I mentioned above, the main key to drawing up your own tattoo ideas is to use your creative drawing activities to think outside the box and to challenge you to come up with new and interesting ideas. The key to drawing up your own tattoo Prompt ideas is to get started right away.

I suggest that you use various drawing prompts on your body to give you inspiration and to make the process more fun and interesting for you. Also, you might consider looking at some tattoo websites for some free tattoo drawing prompts that they have on their pages. If you are unable to find any, I would suggest that you visit your favorite search engine and type in “drawing prompts” along with the word “free”. You will be able to find a ton of them and you will be able to use these as a resource as you create your own tattoo images. Another great thing about this tattoo idea is that there are tons of quality free tattoo websites out there for you to browse, so you should not have any problems finding the right ones to use as your drawing prompts!

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