Colored Pencil drawings have been in vogue since many decades and has grown into an integral part of artistic expression among masses. Art has existed from ages to communicate ideas, thoughts and impressions of an individual. It’s never been so easy to express oneself through art. The medium of paints and pens have grown so much in popularity that every person, irrespective of age, race or background has some form of art on their mind. Art is such underrated; to be considered as an art form, it needs to be communicated well to make an impact on the viewers.

Beautiful Colored Pencil Drawings

Beautiful Colored Pencil Drawings

Colored Pencil Drawing has taken different forms over the years, but basically, these are the basic drawing techniques that are generally applied. You can find a lot of art styles in the online world, which can help you in expressing your art style. There are many options available when it comes to choosing the art style to showcase your talents. You can choose from traditional to contemporary art styles and there are scores of samples to choose from.

Nowadays, artists are using various methods and techniques while working on Colored Pencil drawings. One of the most popular method being used by artists is known as burnishing. This is an advanced blending technique that is a combination of sketching and drawing. In this method, artists make use of different types of colors and blend them together in order to portray a particular effect. Burnishing techniques helps in expressing depth in the sketches by making use of contrast. Some of the famous artists who have mastered the art of coloring with colored pencils are Andy Warhol, Jim Shore, Roy Lichtenstein and many more.

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