If you’ve ever wondered how to draw animals, you probably looked all over the place and failed to find any answers. Don’t worry, though – that’s normal. Finding the answer isn’t as hard as you may think and there are many tutorials and guides on the internet that will teach you how to draw different kinds of animals. It might take a little bit of practice, but in time you’ll be drawing animals like a pro. Here are some tips for beginners to help get you started.

Cute Animal Drawings

Cute Animal Drawings

Most beginners start with horses and dogs. They’re easy to identify, easy to draw and make great companions. Other animals like cats, rabbits, zebras and elephants can be learned more quickly once you have a good base. Drawing humans, cats, dogs, bunnies and dolphins is a whole other subject altogether and requires an entirely different set of skills and tools. The best thing to do is to keep expanding your knowledge as you progress, but for now these are some great subjects to start with.

As you continue to learn how to draw cute animals, you’ll come across other animals that will be difficult to draw. Some of these include dragons, horses, rats, lizards, snakes and more. While each of these is different, they’re also unique animals that only a true artist can create. Keep practicing, reading tutorials and asking for guidance as you build your portfolio and you’ll soon be drawing like a pro.

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